Make A Bathroom Vanity Out Of WHAT!?

With blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, there has definitely been a DIY trend these days.  I am constantly amazed how people can turn trash (their own or someone else’s) into beautiful and functional pieces for their home.

A few months ago I made some small updates to our guest bath and LOVED the results.  During the hunt for a new vanity, I came across so many creative ways homeowners made their own with furniture or materials already around the house.  It seems you can turn almost anything (yup – even a bicycle) into a fun accessory for the bathroom.

The easiest, of course, are old dressers, side tables or desks.  They already have a flat top perfect for installing a sink (if you can’t cut a perfect hole try mounting a vessel sink that sits on top) and with a fresh coat of paint you give them a new look to match your bathroom decor.  If you’re handy with tools, get more creative with anything from old sewing machines to vintage bicycles.

Since we can all use more storage, replace drawers with wire baskets, galvanized tubs or vintage crates!  TIP:  Bathrooms can be damp and humid places.  Put a clear sealer on wood and metal to prevent it from molding, rotting or corroding in the bathroom (and all over your white hand towels).

Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest.  Make sure to click on each photo to be redirected to the original.  Many of them have handy tutorials if you want to try these at home!

The weekend is coming! Hope these ideas inspired your next DIY project!

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  1. Terry

    That bicycle vanity is crazy cool! What an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing all those great ideas! Have a great weekend!


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