DINING ROOMS In Tight Spaces

Our good friend Andrea (The Good Health Girl – check her out here) has been inspiriting us to cook more at home and I hate to admit this but most of our meals are eaten on the coffee table.  I don’t know where you eat your dinner but usually when I say the words “dining room” people have two reactions.  Some associate it with that space in their parents’/grandparents’ house that only got used on holidays and special occasions.  Others would really love to have a dedicated space for a quiet meal but don’t think they can fit into their existing floorpan.

Great news!  Dining rooms don’t have to be stuffy and old fashioned and there are a lot of ways to incorporate them into even the smallest footprint.  Below are some great tips on making the most of your space along with some of our favourite design from Houzz.

First let’s talk about placement.  Even if you don’t have a lot to work with, you can fit a small table by the  entry (during the day a bowl or basket can be a great decorative catch-all for things like keys, notes, and change), tack it on to the end of the kitchen counter or use an awkward corner.  That scary space under the stairs? That could make an awesome dining nook! If you’re lucky enough to be crafty or have a carpenter in the family/neighborhood see if they can make a custom booth to fit those weird shapes.

Make the most of your space with a small round table. It maximizes food real estate while at the same time fitting snugly into nooks and crannies.  Keep your furniture from feeling heavy by choosing a piece that has a skinny legs or one thin pedestal.  Stick with clean lines for a simple, uncluttered design.  If your space is extra cozy, consider a higher bar table.  The chairs will tuck in nicely underneath and stay out of the way.


In small spaces, keep things feeling light with lucite chairs.  They’re modern, easy to maintain and because they’re see through they won’t feel bulky and make your space feel cramped.

Talking about seating, some of the most interesting spaces have a lot of visual interest so don’t be afraid to mix and match.  Use a bench on one side paired with a couple of stools or pull up the family couch and a few kitchen chairs for a casual feel.

If you want to differentiate your new dining space from the rest your interior consider a rich wall paint colour or a hang large piece of art above the table or chairs.  Use a rug not only to keep it soft underfoot but to mark out your room.  All of these will help to define the space and create a mini-dining room even in an open plan.

For more information on these spaces and their designers click on each image to be redirected to Houzz.  It’s one of my favourite places for design inspiration.

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Now if you excuse me I’m going to set the (dining room) table!




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