How Small Kitchen Updates Can Make A BIG Difference

When my husband hears the words (Honey, I’ve been thinking…) he usually runs (screaming) from the room since he knows I’ve thought up another home project.  The problem is, because I spend a lot of time on websites like Pinterest and Houzz, I’m constantly being inspired for the next DIY adventure.  Large scale project can be expensive and time consuming but often small changes can make a BIG difference in the look of your home.

When we bought our house the kitchen had just been renovated by the previous owner with new cabinets and appliances.  The cabinets were not my taste but they were new and I couldn’t justify (or afford) new ones.  A couple of years ago, though, I decided that the outdated hardware, which wasn’t the best quality and was starting to corrode, needed replacing and promptly purchased contemporary stainless steel bar pulls for all the doors and drawers.  Even though I only spent a couple hundred dollars the impact was HUGE!

Kitchens can be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate but below are some of my favourite affordable and manageable updates that you can tackle on your own to give your space a fresh new look.  Click on the images for more and make sure to check out our Pinterest boards here to get inspired for YOUR next DIY project.

Like at our house, the simplest update that doesn’t require any special skills or tools (usually just a screwdriver) is  a fresh set of new hardware.  Since you’re updating, why not experiment with trendy finishes like gold or copper?  If you’re not quite that brave, you can’t go wrong with stainless bar pulls like we used.  Below are a few options from Houzz.

If you’re changing the hardware, you might want to consider removing a couple of the cabinet doors to open your kitchen.  It’s not only a great way to make a small space feel lighter but also an opportunity to show off colourful dinnerware and glasses.

Or if you’re a bit more handy, you can get rid of a few cabinets and put up open shelving instead!

One of the most dramatic improvements you can make is to freshen up your old cabinets with a coat of paint.  White is timeless but why not experiment with a colour like grey (my favourite!), navy or black?  Before painting, make sure to clean all cabinets and drawers with a heavy duty degreaser and hot water to wash away any residue from cooking or other surface contaminants, then prime with a bonding primer.  Kitchen cabinets can take a lot of abuse and you want the paint to adhere well for a durable and long lasting finish.

If you decide to paint the cabinets and would like to add more colour to your kitchen, why not try a two tone look?

If your old floors have seen better days, painting them can be a great way to get a few more years of use.  Make sure to use a porch and patio paint, which will stand up to foot traffic and give them a good wash and sand before starting.

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Happy Painting!


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