WINTER WHITE Holiday Decor

Tomorrow we’re decorating the Christmas tree at our house and even though it’s getting A LITTLE cooler (yay sweater weather) I doubt we will ever see snow.  Honestly, while I love the white stuff, there is much to be desired when it comes to shoveling, de-icing and dodging melting puddles of slush.  The faux version, however, is just as lovely and much easier to manage!

My husband and I have two philosophies on holiday decor.  If you read my previous post you know that he has put his foot down and instituted a no glitter policy at our house.  Also, because he is a very sentimental person (an endearing quality) he fills the tree with ornaments that have meaning but no colour scheme or theme (very sweet).  I, on the other hand, have to hold back my inner control freak and resist the urge to colour coordinate EVERYTHING.

If you’ve browsed through Pinterest lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there is no shortage of beautiful holiday decor inspiration.  Even though our chances of having a white Christmas are VERY slim, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring some of that crispness home.  If you prefer a rustic look, pair creamy whites with soft textures like cozy cable knit throws, warm woods, natural elements like berries or dried fruit and (this one’s for you hubby) no glitter.  Instead, use tea lights, mason jars and if you want to add a bit of sparkle, epson salt. For a modern theme, use bright cold white with plenty of polished silver and simple clean lines.  Keep clutter to a minimum and accent with cool tones like icy blue.

Here are some of my favourite finds!  Click on each image to see more of these beautiful designs and don’t forget to Pin your favourites.

If you need me tomorrow, I’ll be turning up the AC, putting on a sweater and pretending it’s about to snow…in my living room!

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