When customers come to shop to paint their interior doors and woodwork the number one colour BY FAR is white.  It’s clean, crisp and goes with anything.  A couple of years ago I painted our pine doors white and have loved them ever since.  But if you want to add drama, nothing makes a statement quite like black.  Like that little dress, it’s chic, timeless and stunning.

If you’re brave enough, black doors can be a great way to add big style to your home, especially when contrasted with light walls.  You might be surprised that they work equally well in both a modern setting and in a more traditional style.  For a sleek look perfect for contemporary spaces try a high gloss finish and softer satin finish if you prefer a cozier farmhouse feel.

TIP:  High gloss finishes in dark colours highlight surface imperfections.  For a brush mark free finish, consider having your doors sprayed or use a high quality marine paint that will flow out nicely.  A satin finish is more forgiving and since it’s not as reflective, it will help to mask a less than perfect surface.

Black can feel very heavy, especially if there’s a lot of it.  If you want to incorporate black doors into a smaller room, try ones that have glass panes to not only break up the solid colour but also let in light.  Experiment with funky hardware and don’t forget that even though cooler metals might be the safer choice, a warm gold or brass handle and hinges can be a beautiful compliment to black doors.

Need some photos to get you inspired?  Below are some of my favorites from Houzz.  Click on each photo to see more the space and don’t forget to Pin your favourites!

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2 Responses to “BLACK Doors”

  1. Veronique Leduc

    I love the dark grey or black doors. We opted for BM-deco white walls and BM-cast iron doors and ceilings (we have 13′ high ceilings) at the cottage and we absolutely love it! Now the space is also flooded with natural light! This is one instance where drama is indeed beautiful!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      I love the contrast between white walls and black doors – so chic!


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