COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Navajo White

I love colour and at our house we’re not afraid to make some bold choices (I LOVED our black office) but I can certainly appreciate that strong shades may not be appropriate for every space nor suit every taste.

There are certain shades that will work with almost any decor, architecture or design style.  Though I am generally not a fan of creamy neutrals, Benjamin Moore Navajo White has a hint of grey which makes it softer, more adult and perfect for both traditional and contemporary spaces.  It’s airy enough to keep rooms feeling bright and clean but still has enough colour so it doesn’t look white.

White ceiling are beautiful but if you’re going to paint your walls a light shade like Navajo White I would suggest painting the walls and ceilings the same colour to minimize contrast.  This is especially great in smaller rooms where a lot of colour can break the room up visually and make it feel smaller.

I always recommend that you take a look at the actual colour chip at the paint store or (even better) test paint colours on your walls before making a decision but here are some beautiful rooms from Houzz which feature Navajo White.  Click on each for more of the interiors.

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7 Responses to “COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Navajo White”

  1. Gina

    If using Navaho white on walls what color do you suggest for woodwork/trim?

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Good morning Gina. For woodwork, I would either use Navajo White but in a shinier finish (for example matte on the walls and semigloss on the trim) or a crisp white for contrast – also in a glossier finish than the walls. Have a great Sunday!

  2. LaVona

    I chose Navajo white in my small home and have crisp white trim. I love that it feels like a canvas lending itself to many color schemes.

  3. Judy kelly

    I now have Sherwin Williams creamy
    Benjamin Moore white linen and
    Benjamin Moore Navajo white
    All over my walls and can’t seem to make a decision.
    My fave is Navajo white but one pictureabovelooked like tan ??? Tan is what I dont want. Anybody have it turn out tan. Would be my worst nightmare

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Benjamin Moore Navaho White is a creamy shade with a touch of gray but remember that lighting can have a huge effect on how light appears in a space. If you are unsure I would suggest picking up a paint color tester from the paint store, applying it to the wall in your room and making a decision after the paint has had a chance to dry. Thank you for visiting!

  4. Mary Revell

    FYI the third photo from the bottom is not Navajo White but rather James White by Farrow and Ball. The original photo from Houzz the architect commented that they couldn’t remember if it was James or Navajo. Navajo is more pink as you can see in the other photos.


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