Whether you’re accessorizing your favourite outfit or decorating your home, nothing adds a bit of glamour quite like a metallic accent.  It adds visual interest and instant style.

For years, I was a big lover of everything grey and naturally gravitated to cooler metals like silver or stainless.  However, in there is something magical that happens when you add a warm metal to a cool toned colour scheme.

Generally, when we think of decorating our home with metallic accents we think of silver or gold.  Though it’s often overlooked, copper can be a stunning alternative.

If you love modern spaces, add warmth to a black and white design with a copper light fixture, fan, or table accessories.  Marry copper paint with concrete planters/candle holders or use metallic paint in a geometric pattern to plain pillows in grey or white.

In more traditional spaces, paint an ornate mirror or picture frame with metallic copper to catch the eye.  Because of its unique colouring, copper is also the perfect compliment to chic soft pink walls for warm feminine spaces.

As with any design element or theme, a little goes a long way.  Give your copper accessories a chance to shine by scattering them around your home.  Use it sparingly in cabinet handles, closet hangers, and DIY vases.

Need inspiration?  Here are some of my favourite finds.  Click on the images to be redirected to the original websites (some have handy DIY tutorials) and don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for daily design ideas.



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