Accessorizing White Bedroom Walls

I love colour and while I may be partial to PAINT colour (for obvious reasons) there are a lot of ways you can brighten up a white room without painting the walls.  I have to admit – sometimes I look at those beautiful crisp white rooms on Houzz or Pinterest and think “What a clean and breezy space” and then go right back to loving my deep grey living room walls (Benjamin Moore Cinder).

White walls can either be a choice, (a couple of my favourite whites are Benjamin Moore Cloud White and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace) or a necessity.  They are a great background for showcasing everything from furniture to accessories, artwork or fabrics.  If you’re renting your home, you may be limited what you can do with the wall colour.  If the landlord won’t let you paint the walls, don’t think you have to be stuck with a boring white space.  There are still plenty of ways to express your love for colour and design.

One of the easiest rooms to accessorize is the bedroom (plus I love sleep so it’s one of my favourite spaces).  Below are some great tips for adding visual interest:

  • I am not a patient person so if you’re like me one of the fastest and most economical ways to give your bedroom colour is by changing the sheets, then layer with a colourful blanket and accent pillows.  Patterns don’t have to be exactly the same but try to keep them in a similar colour scheme so they visually belong.  TIP:  Don’t skimp on sheet quality.  Inexpensive bedding may be nice at the cash register but it won’t wash as well or last as long as the good stuff (same goes for towels).  Thin low thread count sheets will become itchy and coarse over time and may start to come apart at the seams.  Nice sheets will cost you less in the long term since you won’t have to replace them as often.
  • Fresh flowers are a great way to add colour to the bedroom.  Cut some favourites from the garden and change up the varieties for a new look each week.
  • White goes great with gold!  Warm up the walls with metallic gold accessories like picture frames, mirrors, or lamps.
  • Headboards are not only a great way to add weight to your bed frame, they’re also a great place to express your creativity.  Paint an old wooden headboard in a funky colour or if you’re crafty reupholster with fabric in a bold pattern.  If your bed doesn’t have a headboard you can also create the illusion of one with a large piece of art or mirror in an ornate frame.
  • White rooms can often feel cold but you can cozy them up with lots of soft fabrics.  Curtains are a great way to finish the windows while at the same time blocking out light and heat.  Rugs not only add colour underfoot, they will also deaden sound, warm up tile, or hide unattractive/damaged floors.
  • If you can alter the walls, add molding or trim for architectural detail.  Keep it the same colour as the walls but use a semigloss sheen so it doesn’t get lost.  The same goes for built ins or shelves.

Need inspiration?  Below are some of my favourite rooms from Houzz.  Click on each photo for more information and don’t forget to visit our Pinterest boards for more incredible spaces.




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    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Thank you for visiting our blog. Your dream room sounds lovely! White walls can be the perfect background for lots of colourful accents in bold patterns and colours or you can keep your design minimal for a clean modern space. Enjoy your weekend.


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