FIREPLACES – Think Outside The Box

Let’s face it.  It never gets really cold in Bermuda.  Sure – there are days in February when the temperatures drop and it’s time to dust off the sweaters (yay) but even when it’s 58 degrees we’re still the envy of those in the States who are shoveling out from a foot of snow.  A fireplace is pretty and cozy but certainly not necessary.

Years ago, we decided to block in our fireplace.  We never used it and when it rained really hard or when a hurricane came through we would constantly battle water in the living room.  I haven’t missed it yet.  We still use it to decorate for the holidays and if I want a little romance I fill it with candles.

If you have a non-functioning fireplace or are looking for way to dress it up in the off season, here are some great ideas from Houzz!


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