Foot Of The Bed Decorating

My husband and I have a love/hate relationship with the footboard to our bed.  I find that visually it adds weight to the bed and makes it feel like a solid piece of furniture with a purpose.  However, a couple times a month the aforementioned footboard attacks my husband, leaving gouges and bruises in his leg when he cuts the corner short.  Between cries of pain (and some colourful language) he swears to cut it off.

There area in front of the bed is often an underused piece of bedroom real estate but with a couple of creative design choices, it can really become a stunning focal point – and a buffer between you and those dreaded footboard corners.  It’s especially handy for making the most of a small space since it’s the perfect place for a small desk or dressing table.

Looking for some ideas?  Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds.

With the advent of the Kindle books may no longer be in our carry-ons but they’re amazing for decorating.  This simple wooden shelf is not only a great weekend DIY project but also a stunning way to display you favorite reads.

There are so many ways to recycle!  While no one may be taking a bath in this tub anymore, it’s a great way to add create vintage storage in the bedroom.

These extra pillows and blankets are out of the way but still accessible thanks to a simple open storage box.  Plus, it’s a great place to sit when getting dressed!

Who says dining room chairs can’t be at home in the bedroom?  These striped beauties are arranged to create a conversational circle for those time you just want to hang out.  After all who wouldn’t want to in a chic bedroom like one?

Create a display of your favourite treasures on a simple bench.  This weathered wood piece is perfect for the nautical theme in this bedroom.

Make the most of a small space by fitting a compact desk at the foot of the bed.  It’s a great place to get dressed in the morning, sneak in a little extra work or enjoy the occasional quiet breakfast (or ice cream).

Two are better than one.  Group smaller pieces together, like these stools, to give them more weight.  This ikat pattern is a perfect fit for a moody bedroom like this one.

Want more beautiful bedroom inspiration?  Check out our Dream Bedrooms or click on the images above for more.



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