COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Some Of My Favourite Paint Colours

There are THOUSANDS of paint colours.  Often picking one for your home starts out as a fun adventure and ends up a frustrating and confusing.  After fifteen minutes all the shades start to look the same and what seemed like a simple decision now seems impossible.

True, there are a lot of choices and all colours have a place in design but I often find myself going back to a few that never seem to fail.  Here are some of my favourites.

Benjamin Moore GRAY OWL 2137-60 (also known as OC-52). Shades of gray have a lot of undertones and picking the right one for your walls can be tricky.  Not too dark and not too cold, Gray Owl will compliment most any design from modern to traditional and since it’s natural can be paired with virtually any accessories, furniture, flooring or artwork.

Benjamin Moore OCEAN AIR 2123-50. I often joke that if that fresh-out-of-the-dyer laundry smell had a colour it would be Ocean Air.  Perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms or any other space where you want to add a breezy coastal touch, it’s soft enough to create an adult space that’s still bright and open.

Benjamin Moore LIMESICLE 2145-50.  With a hint of yellow/green, it has just enough colour not to be beige but is still neutral enough to compliment most decor.  The slight hint of green gives it a brightness and cheer that makes it perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Benjamin Moore HAWTHORNE YELLOW HC-4.  Yellow walls can be tough, especially in rooms with plenty of sunshine.  It’s a great high energy colour but the wrong shade can look electric and feel unbearable.  Out of the Benjamin Moore Historic Color collection, Hawthorne Yellow is still bright without fatiguing your eyes.

Benjamin Moore HALE NAVY HC-154.  As comfortable as that favourite pair of jeans, Hale Navy is a great choice when you need a strong colour.  It’s a stunning parter to white, grey, coral or orange.  TIP:  In rooms without a lot of light it can look almost black.  As an alternative try Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue.  It’s also stunning.

Benjamin Moore CINDER AF-705.  When we were painting our living room, I knew I wanted a deep grey (it’s one of my all time favourite colours) but picking the right shade was tricky.  Most looked too beige for the space but Cinder was dark enough and cool enough to work perfectly.  Here it is in a bedroom from Houzz.

Benjamin Moore COVENTRY GRAY HC-169.  If Cinder is too dark (remember paint colours on the wall can look up to half a shade darker than on the chip) try my other favourite Coventry Gray.  It’s significantly lighter which is great for smaller rooms without as much natural light but still retains the same light charcoal feel.

Benjamin Moore CORAL GABLES 2010-40.  When you’re looking to add a bold colour without overpowering a room, coral is a great choice.  A combination of pink and orange it’s both cheerful and bold.  Combine with shades of aqua and white for a beachy feel or use it to add a punchy accent to any room in the house.  With a little sunshine it will absolutely glow!  If you prefer a coral less on the pink and more on the orange side, Benjamin Moore Tucker Orange is another beautiful shade.

Benjamin Moore TEAL 2055-10.  Here in Bermuda we are surrounded by an ocean in some of the most stunning shades of blue and green.  This one reminds me of those rich patches of deep water.  Teal is a great combination of blue and green that’s perfect for making a statement.  Pair with orange for a pop of colour perfect for dramatic spaces like this one.

Finally let’s tackle that other shade that drive us nuts. WHITE.  It may seem simple but picking the perfect white for walls, ceilings or trim can be more difficult than the rest of your colour scheme.  Some are too yellow, others too pink, still others grey.

Benjamin Moore CLOUD WHITE 967 is described by Benjamin Moore as “lightweight and luminous, this subtle, sophisticated shade of soft white is reminiscent of vapor clouds on a clear day.” I couldn’t have said it better so I won’t try!




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