TAKING WORK HOME – The Home Office

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  If taking work home is unavoidable, it’s helpful to have an organized space where you can focus.  Instead of taking over the dining room table, here are some ideas for carving out a stylish home office.

A cozy nook between cabinets or built-ins is a great place to set up a work station.  Why not make it a feature by adding a stunning palette wall like this one!

Shopping for new school supplies (it’s been a while!) always got me excited for school.  Cheer up your home office with colourful folders, boxes and organizers to get you motivated.  Coordinate with the rest of your room to make it feel like a part of your home.

Before Pinterest (which I LOVE) we used actual clipboard to stay organized.  Hung on a nail or hook, they’re a great way to keep your work sorted, easy to see and within reach.

If you don’t want a bunch of nail holes in your walls try putting up a pegboard.  It will provide you with endless layout possibilities.  Plus you can hang baskets to keep bulkier items or supplies off your desk.

Filing cabinets can make very practical work stations.  Skip the typical office beige and spray paint them a fun colour.  Then use an inexpensive top or a piece of painted/stained plywood to create a work surface.

If your desk is out in the open, make the center of attention!  This stunning black and white accent wall in bold stripes is the perfect background for a beautiful black desk and modern chair.

If you’re visual get creative with a chalkboard wall.  Use it to jot down ideas, schedules, or important upcoming events.

More ideas don’t forget to click on each photo for more or visit our Pinterest page for more of my favourite spaces.


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