COLOR SPOTLIGHT – Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166

It’s no secret that my favourite colour is grey.  It’s a running joke at our house.  If it weren’t for my husband’s intervention we would be surrounded by grey walls, in a house filled with grey furniture and walking on grey floors.  I would be sitting on a grey couch in a grey shirt.  You get the picture.

Grey, though incredibly chic, can be one of the hardest colours to choose.  It’s incredibly fussy under varying lighting and the same shade can look dramatically different in another room.  One shade I can always count on to make a statement, though, is Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166.  It’s deep enough to make a statement and with a HINT of warmth it’s still cozy enough for living rooms and bedrooms.

Because it can be treated as a neutral, there are endless pairings.  For modern spaces, add an equally bold shade like magenta, primary blue or sharp lime green.  It’s just as at home in more traditional rooms contrasted with plenty of crisp white molding or cabinetry.  It would look lovely as a rich colour in the kitchen.  Want to add a metallic sparkle?  Add gold accents in hardware, lighting or mirror/picture frames.

TIP:  Dark colours are notoriously unforgiving if the surface you’re not painting is not perfect (what is). If your walls have a few well earned bruises or bumps (especially stone walls) skip the glossy finishes and stick with a flat or matte sheen.  It will minimize imperfections and make your walls appear smoother.  And even though there’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few dollars on an inexpensive paint, for deep or accent colours it’s worth spending a little more on a premium paint.  It will cover better so you’ll use less and be finished in less time.

Need inspiration?  Check out some of my favourite spaces below.  Click on the images to see more of the originals.

Happy painting!

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