EGG-XCELLENT Easter Egg Picks

I love any holiday that lets me bring out my inner child and sit down at the table – or on the floor – and do some good old fashioned arts and crafts.  And let’s face it – everything is better with glitter (even eggs).

A quick peak on Pinterest is all it takes to see that we have come a long way from just dipping Easter eggs in food colouring.  Even if you do go old school, add a simple but fun design by wrapping your eggs in rubber bands first.  The dye won’t take take to the rubber bands and leave your eggs with a funky pattern.  If you’re feeling fancy, nothing beats some gold paint or foil.  You’ll create a luxurious design perfect for dressing up the table.

Low on egg decorating supplies?  Raid your paint shelf for leftovers from your DIY or house painting projects.  A little white paint can make a simple but stunning design on brown eggs that don’t always dye properly.  If you have some chalkboard paint leftover, use that too!  Draw (and redraw) your favourite design or inspirational message.  Take a look through your craft supplies and dress up plain eggs by gluing with colourful paper (napkins work great) to coordinate with your table settings or take out your markets and draw funny faces.

Looking for inspiration?  These are some of my favorite Pinterest picks!

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