CHEERFUL SPACES – Decorating For Spring

Spring is finally here (but don’t tell your friends in New England – they just got more snow), the days are getting longer and all the sunshine is definitely warmer.  It’s the perfect time of year to throw open the windows and brighten up the house after months of winter gloom.

There are so many ways you can add a bit of Spring to your home and they don’t have to break the bank either!  Fresh flowers are always on the top of my list.  You can change them out for a different look with every arrangement and they really stand out in white or neutral spaces.  For the best deal, look for varieties that are in season or better yet start your own garden!  It’s not only great exercise but also a constant supply of fresh flowers.

There are certain colours that just scream Spring(!) and if you’re looking to repaint, a crisp cheerful green will brighten up any room.  We love it against the white cabinets in this kitchen!  Plus, since green is one of the most common colours in nature, we find it familiar and soothing.  Look for clean light shades like Benjamin Moore Crisp Green or Pale Vista.

Updating the bed linens is one of the easiest and most budget friendly ways to transform the bedroom.  For Spring, look for bright colours like pink or yellow.  Since a little goes a long way, start with a blanket, accent pillow or piece of art and balance with plenty of white.

Don’t limit colour to the walls.  Add furniture or drapes in a fun fresh colour like mint.  Reupholstering an old piece can be great way to up-cycle!

Some colour combinations just make me smile.  Blue and green make a great pair already but the addition of orange makes the entire space glow!  It’s the perfect colour combination for an inviting cottage space like this one below.

Nothing screams sunshine (even on a rainy day!) quite like yellow.  Use it in unexpected ways like the fabric on these dining room chairs, which instantly makes a formal room feel homey and bright.

Bring fresh cut grass indoors (minus the mess) with bright pops of lime green on the table.  Table linens, glasses and fresh flowers, even a bowl of limes, will make a statement.

Pink will add a feminine touch to any room!  Pair it with green and you have an instantly charming space.

For more on these beautiful spaces, click on the images for more or visit our Pinterest boards.  We’re always updating!



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