Inspiration – Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

I have been (literally) giddy ever since we same back from our Annie Sloan workshop and received our first shipment of paint last Tuesday.  Even though I initially approached it with a healthy dose of skepticism I have come to love this amazing product and its versatility.  Sure – you can paint your dresser with stunning results but you can also use for a rainbow of faux finishing techniques and on a myriad of surfaces.

There are so many creative and talented people using Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.  You can visit The Palette Blog for frequently updated inspiration or check out some of my favourite finds below.  Click on the images for more!

Old wood floors can be expensive and time consuming to refinish but did you know you can use Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan to give them a new look?  Check out what Shabby Coast Cottage did (click on the photo for a link to their site) with Annie Sloan and  a DIY stencil.  TIP:  After the paint is dry, protect your freshly painted floors with Annie Sloan’s Matte Floor Lacquer.  It’s a durable high performance clear coat that will keep your floors beautiful for years.

It’s not just for wood! Do you have one of those outdated brass chandeliers at home?  Fig & Frolic gave this one a beautiful new look.  Before painting, give your light fixture a good dusting and cleaning but if the finish is in good shape, no other extra prep is necessary.  Colours- Florence, Old White, Emperor’s Silk and a little gold wax.

A little paint can make a big difference in the kitchen and painting the cabinets is one of the easiest and most budget friendly projects most people can do in a reasonable amount of time.  Annie Sloan’s paint is great for giving a country cottage look to my favourite room in the house.

TIP:  Before you start painting, wash your cabinets well with hot water and degreaser.  Over the years, layers of cooking grease, dirt from our fingers, and cleaning residue settle on the surface and this contamination will prevent your paint from sticking well.  Also, label every cabinet door/drawer and its hardware or place each into a separate bag.  This will make putting your kitchen back together much easier.  The hinges make all look the same but since most doors will settle over time, hardware from another door make not fit perfectly.

When your paint is dry, apply a couple layers of Annie Sloan Soft Wax for protection.  Just remember to be gentle with your new kitchen until the wax cures (about 4-6 weeks).

House sales, consignment stores (we love Orange Bay) and the classifieds are great places to find home decor on a budget.  Outdated mirror frames can be transformed with a little paint in a fun colour (this one is done in Annie Sloan’s Provence).   If you love a picture frame but not the art, pop it out of the frame and use the frame to create a chalkboard!  Instead of a solid colour, try your hand at distressing for visual interest.

Did you know Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan can be used outside?  Update those terra cotta planters with fun stencils and great colours.  TIP:  Chalk Paint is perfectly suitable for outside but don’t use the wax.  It will melt.  Also, give your freshly painted pots a chance to dry indoors for a couple of days before you expose them to the elements.

For more great projects, check out our Annie Sloan Pinterest Board.

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