Easy DIY Upgrade – Paint That Boring Door!

Even if you don’t have large budget, there are a lot of simple ways you can upgrade inexpensive elements of your home.  Paint is one of the easier and cheapest ways to give simple things, like hollow core doors, instant style.

I love this tutorial by Brian Patrick Flynn from Houzz.  Check it out, along with a helpful tutorial, below.

OUR TIPS:  Use a high quality painter’s tape like 3M Edge Lock.  It will give you cleaner crisper lines without bleed through.  For the white base (or whichever colour you choose) look for a self priming high quality paint in latex.  It will stick better without bleed through and the white won’t turn yellow with age.  At least TWO COATS are recommended.  If you choose a black top coat, a satin finish will give you a soft glow without too much glare.

Remove the existing hardware with a screwdriver. Next, listen attentively as your room thanks you dearly for removing the knobby eyesore, then chucking it in the trash outside.

Use medium-grit sandpaper or a sanding block to remove the existing finish. In cases where a door sports a thick layer of polyurethane, it may be wise to use coarse grit to ensure you get rid of the slick surface entirely.

Paint the entire door with the color intended for the accent panel trim tone. It’s best to go with two coats so that the wood grain doesn’t peek through. This double layer of paint will also serve as a primer.

Tape off accent panel trim with 2-inch painters’ tape. While it’s okay to simply eyeball it, I suggest taking the extra time to measure appropriately, then lay the tape in place to keep everything symmetrical. Two panels work the best; keep the outside lines of the panel trim 3-inches in from the edge of the door and leave 8 to 10 inches between the top and bottom panels. This is a good rule-of-thumb for creating the proper scale.

Once the panels are taped off, go all perfectionistic by fine-tuning intersecting pieces of tape, pressing them firmly to remove any air pockets.

To ensure perfectly straight lines, cut away excess tape from corners with a utility knife.

After checking to make sure all edges of tape are perfectly flush with the door, brush the door surface color onto the door with a paint brush starting on the center of the tape, pushing outward onto the door. Why? This will create a perfect line; brush strokes away from the tape ensure nothing creeps underneath it.

Once you’ve used the brush to stroke the door surface color out from the painters’ tape, use a roller to cover the remaining surface. NOTE: Avoid motion which pushes the roller down onto the tape, instead rolling up and off of it.

After slowly removing the painters’ tape, replace the hardware with something more up-to-date. Satin or polished nickel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze usually work best in modern spaces.

In addition to door knobs, consider adding door knockers or graphic coat hooks to dress up the door — like jewelry or accessories with a new outfit.

While I recommend this project for hollow-core doors, it works just as well on those made from solid wood. High contrast offers up the most impact. Black and white is classic and goes with everything, but playing up two drastically different shades of your room’s wall color works just as well.

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  1. thecurator0245

    This is a great idea instead of replacing old doors! It really brings them up to date without spending a whole lot of money. Thank you for sharing!


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