Black Kitchen Cabinets – Add A Little Drama

Years ago I decided to paint a room in our house black.  Everyone though I had either gone crazy or was reliving some lost teenage angst.   Even I had a moment of wavering resolve after painting half the room.  After it was finished, though, it quickly became one of my favourite spaces.  The lesson?  Black doesn’t have to be scary or reserved for Halloween parties.  It can be a chic way to add major style to your home, either on a small or large scale.

Did you even have friends and family over for dinner and notice that no matter how nicely the table was set or how comfortable the couch everyone always ends up standing around in the kitchen?  The kitchen is often the heart of our homes and one of the spaces where improvements or renovations make the biggest impact.  If you’re starting from scratch or just refreshing your current space, why not skip the traditional white cabinets and opt for a dramatic black finish instead?

For a sleek modern look choose a high gloss finish with clean sharp lines and add accessories in high voltage colours like fire engine red, bold orange, or lime green.  For a traditional feel try a satin finish paired with earthy elements like butcher block counters, add drawer/cabinet pulls in warm metals like gold, brass, or copper.

From a practical perspective, keep in mind that dark colours in glossy finishes really highlight any surface imperfections (and will show any smudges or fingerprints).  If you’re repainting existing cabinets and want to use a glossy black finish make sure you SAND WELL to get rid of any scratches, dents or dings.  Spraying will give you the best finish without brush marks.  If you don’t like a lot of shine, try a satin finish which will be a lot more forgiving and softer on the eyes.

Going to the paint store to pick up some paint?  Don’t forget that black comes in many shades and can have cool or warm undertones.  One of my favourites for traditional rooms is Benjamin Moore Mopboard Black CW-680 from their Colonial Williamsburg Collection or the soft Black Satin 2131-10.  For a rich true black in a gloss nothing beats either a marine paint like Epifanes #19 or an automotive finish which, when sprayed, will give you a flawless result.

Need a little more convincing?  Check out the beautiful spaces below from Houzz.


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