Christmas Is Over – Now What

Image From Better Homes And Gardens

Image From Better Homes And Gardens

Much like my twelve year old self, I am a professional at taking things out but not so motivated to put them back.  As a result, at our house Christmas goes up with great enthusiasm but gets taken down with significantly less energy.  Not only are the needles a pain ( I think probably still have some leftover from last December under the rug) but the ornaments never seem to fit back into the boxes.  I am also not proud of the temper tantrum I threw last year sitting on the floor trying to put away the Christmas lights.   In an effort to teach me a lesson this year my husband made me untangle the giant ball by myself (which led to another temper tantrum).

I promised myself that this year would be different.  In an effort to be more organized, I have put together some clever storage ideas for all those holiday decorations.  Wish me luck!

TIP:  Use egg cartons or coffee carriers to store those delicate ornaments.  They’re easy to get your hands on a great way to recycle.

TIP:  Plastic cups are the perfect size for most round ornaments.  Glue them to a cardboard base and stack in plastic bins.

TIP:  It might be a pain but wrapping lights around cardboard, paper towel rolls or craft paper will keep the strands tangle free and make decorating next year a breeze.

TIP:  Organize hard to package items like wreaths and rolls of paper by using plastic bags (garment bags work great) and hangers.

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