Does Every Frame Need A Picture?

Did you ever come across a piece of art and admire the frame more than the picture?  There are a lot of rules for properly designing and decorating but when it comes to our homes, one of the most important is to create a space that reflects your style and makes you comfortable.  What better place to show off your sense of humor (and decorating savvy) than on the walls!

Consignment/antique stores, yard/estate sales, and the local classifieds are great places to find decorating treasures.  Pop the pictures out of your favourite frames and make THOSE the focus of your design.  The most interesting rooms are rarely perfect so feel free to mix and match.  To make frames of different shapes and sizes feel cohesive, paint them the same colour.

TIP:  Before you take nails to your walls,  plan your design first by sticking paper cut-outs of your frames to wall.  Rearranging the paper is easier than patching up the walls!

Need ideas?  Here are some of my favourite Houzz finds!

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