Winter Inspired Rooms

The air is getting cooler (YAY sweater weather) and winter is right around the corner.  Even though I doubt that it will ever snow in Bermuda, you can still get that icy wonderland in your home.

I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful place surrounded by amazing oceans and wonderful people.  However, growing up in New England, Christmas time was freezing weather time and even though I don’t miss shoveling out the driveway in the morning, I do occasionally miss that chill in the air.

Bring that cool feel indoors (minus the mud) by choosing cool colours in your home decor!  Try an icy blue wall paint colour accented with silver or chrome in mirror/picture frames, furniture hardware, or lamps.  Add plenty of glass vases, put up mirrors to reflect light, and add wintery sparkle with crystal lighting fixtures or lucite furniture.  In the bathroom or kitchen, pair a cold white with marble tile and stainless faucets/appliances.  To warm things up a bit, a soft blanket or rug in a creamy colour is great for contrast, especially in the bedroom.

TIP:  Did you know that colours from the cool side of the colour wheel like light blue, grey or even violet can make a small room feel larger?  They visually recede pushing the walls out!

Some of my favourite wall paint colours?  Benjamin Moore Paper White 1590, Beacon Gray 2128-60,  First Snowfall 1618, and Blue Veil 875.

Looking for ideas?  Check out some of these beautiful rooms.  Click on the images to be redirected to the originals.

4 Responses to “Winter Inspired Rooms”

  1. thecurator0245

    Beautiful rooms! Very inspirational :0) I’m dreaming of Bermuda weather… I’m in -28 degrees celcius weather… I’d love to ditch my sweater :0) ! LOL… although…it is nice to have a white Christmas!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      Thank your for visiting and WOW that is COLD! I have to say that I don’t miss that many layers (and the heating bill) but I still can’t get used to decorating the tree in a t-shirt. Sending you some warm Bermuda sunshine!


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