Row Your Boat

Last month we almost lost our beloved punt “Solid Sally” in Hurricane Faye.  For years, we used her to safely row out to the boat and even though it was NOT my favourite activity, she tried to make it relatively comfortable.  After the storm, we found her wounded in the bushes.  While she’s getting patched up, the oars are just laying around which gave me a great idea.  Why not use them as decoration!

If you visit any boat yard or marine consignment store, chances are you’ll find dozens of mismatched oars.  If you love the ocean, they can make a beautiful addition to your home.

In their raw form, they’re perfect for rustic spaces.  For a more polished look, sand them smooth, varnish or paint.  Group them together to form a stunning headboard, display them on the wall, or add some hooks to organize your entry.  Because they’re long and round, oars would also make the perfect curtain rod!

Need ideas?  These amazing spaces are featured on Houzz.  Click on photos for more.

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