PUMPKIN ORANGE – Decorating With Fall Colours

Image courtesy of Better Homes And Gardens

Image courtesy of Better Homes And Gardens

The first (pumpkin) pies of the year have already come out of the oven and I have FINALLY opened up the sweater drawer.  As the weather gets cooler, stay cozy with a cup of tea and a room with rich pumpkin orange walls inspired by the colours of Fall.

Because warm colours, especially in darker tones, can make a room feel smaller, a pumpkin orange is a great choice if you want to make a large spacious room feel more intimate.  This rich shade will pair beautifully with other earth colours and warm woods.  Add a soft blanket or rug in a creamy shade to keep the room from feeling too heavy and accent with metallic gold accessories like mirror/picture frames, lamps, or candleholders for a bit of sparkle.

Though I associate pumpkin orange with traditional spaces, you can give it a modern flair by pairing with high contrast black, charcoal gray and white in spaces with sleek surfaces and sharp lines.

TIP:  Did you know orange and blue make a surprisingly stunning pair?  They’re opposite each other on the colour and can create some of the most interesting spaces.

These beautiful rooms are courtesy of Houzz.  Click on the photos for links to the rest of the spaces and designer info.


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