Left Over Paint Projects

Left-Over DIY Paint Projects

Did you clean out the garage or storage cabinets and find left over paint?  Instead of throwing it out (make sure to dispose of all paint properly) put it to use up-cycling items in your home! Latex (waterbased) paints are the easiest to work with.  Plus you can usually mix colours to get different shades.  Below are some great ideas.  

These painted terra cotta pots are perfect for brightening up the porch, garden on window sill.  Just use painters tape to mask out a simple design.  TIP:  If you’re planning on putting these planters outside make sure to use an exterior paint.

Paint hangers in fun colours to give your closet a bright burst.  Just make sure that the paint is well dry before you start putting your favourite outfits on them.  Give freshly painted hangers a few days (just to be on the safe side) before putting them back in the closet.

These colourful spoons would make a beautiful addition to any kitchen.   Make sure to use a latex paint (which won’t be toxic) and paint the handles only (paint won’t stand up to cooking heat and won’t taste good in your dinner).  For added protection, follow up with a latex varnish.  Wash utensils in cool water by hand.

Mason jars are great for anything from flower vases, to storage containers or table deceptions.  Why not give them a little colour?

Pour paint into clear glass bottles or vases, swirl around to cover the inside then let dry.  Use on the window sill, table or mantle to add colour to your home.  TIP:  If you paint the inside don’t pour water into the bottle.  Use with fake flowers or put a water tip on the stem to protect the inside of your container.

Remember what’s in your garden by making these colourful markers from paint sticks!

Give plain rugs or door mats a fun design to welcome friends in to your home.

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