DIY Artwork

There’s no doubt that artwork completes any room but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be beautiful.  Some of the best wall art is made with love from the objects in our lives that have special meaning.  These simple DIY projects are perfect for rainy weekends and most supplies can already be found in your home.  I’ve put together some of my favourites below.

Don’t throw out those wine corks from your dinner party or weekend BBQ.  Glue them together to form a cheerful message for your bar area or kitchen!

Don’t know what do to with those left over paint chips?  This heart shape is simple to cut out and frame in a shadow box.  Fold them in half to give your design dimension.

Old buttons are great for DIY!  This letter on a canvas wrapped in fabric would be perfect for the nursery!

Cardboard letters can be found in most craft stores or if you’re handy you can cut them out yourself from old cardboard boxes and paint to match any decor.  Glue together for an instant funky art piece great for a modern space.

It’s amazing that you can make with a wooden shipping palette.  The rough wood is perfect for creating rustic wall art pieces like this one.  TIP:  We’re always happy to donate our old shipping palettes as are most stores!

Who doesn’t have a drawer full of old keys?  Frame the keys to your first apartment or home for a special moment.

Remember those special road trips by stitching your route on a map.

Mount leftover coins from your travels then frame to remember a special vacation spot.

This DIY piece is perfect for the kitchen.  Take old wooden utensils, tape off the ends, paint and spell out a fun message.

Some shopping bags are just too pretty to throw away.  Why not frame them to remember those special purchases?  Hang in the closet or dressing area for instant art.

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