BOOKCASES – Organize Your Stuff

The built-ins we put together last week have finally been painted and as the paint is curing I’ve been thinking of creative ways to organize all the books and nicknacks that came off the old bookcases.

If you have a lot of books in colourful jackets and your bookshelves and walls are white, have fun with your design and try arranging them by colour instead of height.  The rainbow of colour will pop in the room and create a beautiful feature wall.

For clean and sophisticated look don’t overload your shelves.  Try small groupings of like items instead of filling the shelves.  Also, consider stacking the books on their sides like the ones in this photo.

Love a colour?  Choose a shade or two and repeat it in various accessories spread around the room.  We love this blue/white/taupe space.  If you love DIY you can create this look with your existing pieces by (spray) painting them in the same colour palette.

Wallpaper can be found in some amazing colours, textures and patterns.  Line the back of your bookcase with a complimentary design to the rest of your space.

If you can’t find wallpaper to suit your taste or if the prints are too busy, get out the paint brush and paint the back of your cabinet or bookcase in a fun colour.  We love how the green background pops the white accessories in the photo above.  If you want a little more colour, the bold yellow, blue and teal is stunning against white woodwork!

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