Closet Doors

A couple of weeks ago I posted that just because there are elements in our home that are necessary and functional (like stairs) doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish too!  Add a touch of glamour to any room (especially the bedroom) is by painting or decorating closet doors.

If the room is small and lacks light, mirrored doors can be a good option as they will reflect any natural or artificial light back into the room making it appear brighter and larger.  To keep mirrored doors from looking dated, add wood trim in a lattice design to break up the mirror and paint in a color complimentary to your space.  Speaking of painting, have fun with colour!  Closet doors don’t have to be white.  Have fun with bold colours or choose a more neutral but still chic black or charcoal gray colour.  Add detail to a flat door with painter’s tape.  Mask out a stylish design like Greek key in a bright colour or add a stud detail for texture.

Need ideas?  Below are some great examples.

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