YELLOW & ORANGE – Vitamin C For Your Home

Just because summer is almost over (where did it go!) doesn’t mean we have to put away the bright colours in our crayon box.  If you want to inject a little sunshine into your home try the fresh and bright combination of orange and yellow.  As refreshing as a glass of lemonade, this pair is perfect for creating high energy spaces.

TIP:  Thinking of painting your nursery yellow?  While it may seem like a great gender neutral colour it can be very stimulating to babies and prevent them from settling down and going to sleep.  Save it for the playroom and choose a softer shade like mint green or violet.

 There are two categories of yellow and orange (this also applies to other colours).  In the colour deck you will find both bright shades of these colours as well more muted versions.  For a quieter room, start with a softer more muted colour, especially if you have plenty of natural light.  Because sunlight is inherently yellow, it will intensify these colours on the wall.  For darker spaces, a cleaner yellow or orange will add brightness and a pop of colour.  And don’t think you have to use this combination on the walls!  Fabrics, tile, accessories or artwork are enough to accent your room.

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