BUNK BEDS – Make The Most Of Your Space

It seems that space in our home is always at a premium – especially if you have a growing family.  Take a cue from city planners and go UP instead of spreading out.  Bunk beds are a practical and fun way to make the most of your bedroom space.  Most come with extra storage on the side or bottom.  If you don’t need the extra bed, you can also take out the bottom bunk and convert it into a desk/homework area.

TIP:  Bunk beds don’t have to be for kids only.  With a simple modern design they’re also great for guest rooms where extra sleeping space is needed.

If you’re handy (or have a friend who is) you can custom design a piece that will fit the dimension and needs of a room.  If you choose something store bought, don’t forget you can have some fun painting bunk beds to match your theme.  Speaking of themes, this is a great opportunity to get creative.  Nautical designs lend themselves perfectly to bunk beds for obvious reasons but you can also use tree houses, birds, balloons or fairy tale towers for inspiration.

Don’t forget the rest of the room!  Add an accent wall to highlight your bunk beds and repeat your colour scheme in artwork, furniture, and fabrics.

Need ideas?  Check out these great finds below.



3 Responses to “BUNK BEDS – Make The Most Of Your Space”

  1. Decorum DIYer

    Great rooms, but most of those spaces didn’t look too small. My son’s bedroom is 9′ x 12.5 feet with high-on-the-wall, elongated windows. We have a bunk bed for him. He likes having two beds for his cousins to spend the night and impromptu sleepovers with his brother and sister. Great inspiration in those photographs, though!

      • Decorum DIYer

        I have, but my son really loves having two beds. His room is small, but I think we figured out the best use of his space for now. Fingers crossed it will last into his teenage years.

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