ACCENT WALLS – Add A Pop Of Colour

I often compare decorating a room to picking out an outfit.  Like a fun pair of shoes, an accent wall is a great way to add colour to a room without overwhelming it.

When planning to location of your accent wall, take a look at the layout of the room but also the pieces you have in it.  Do you want to highlight a special piece of art, furniture, or architectural feature?  Play around with location.  An accent wall can even be on the ceiling!

TIP:  If you choose a bold colour for your accent wall, consider spending a little more on premium paint.  It will cover better in fewer coats, you won’t spend all day paining and won’t need to purchase as much paint to finish your project.

Now that you know where your accent wall is going to be it’s time to choose a colour.  Of course consider the rest of the wall paint colours but also look at the other elements in the room (go back to that special piece of art or furniture).  A colour wheel can also be a great help.  You can choose a monochromatic scheme by using different shades of the same colour, an analogous colour scheme that uses colours next to each other on the colour wheel (for example blue and green – which look stunning together!),  or a complimentary colour scheme that uses colours opposite each other on the colour wheel (for example red and green).  Try a couple of paint samples and put them on the wall.  If you don’t want to make a painting commitment, paint large pieces of cardboard instead and move them around the room before making a decision.

Remember that colour is a very personal thing.  If you’re still stuck open up your closet!  The colours in your favourite outfit will not only work great on your walls, their familiarity will be comfortable.

Need ideas?  Here are my favourite Houzz finds.

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