BLUE And GREEN – A Cheerful Pair

When thinking about colour combinations, blue and green may not be the first pair to some to mind but these two colours can make for some of the most cheerful and bright spaces – especially when set against a crisp white background.

There are so many elements we love about this interior by Maria Barros.   A large mirror is a great trick for reflecting light and making smaller rooms feel larger and more open.  Wallpaper in blue/white and green/white is perfectly matched by the cabinet and chairs, which mix and match both colours.  Touches of deeper blue and green give the colour scheme dimension and rich wood floors add warmth.  Don’t forget about fresh flowers.  They’re a great way to add colour to any room.

Check out more of this chic space below:

Dining Room by Maria Barros

Dining Room by Maria Barros

Dining Room by Maria Barros

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