Warming Up White Rooms With Gold


White rooms often get a bad reputation for being boring but with some well chosen accessories they can turn into the most beautiful spaces.  I love their crisp and clean look.  On a practical side, this is the perfect way for renters (who may not be able to paint the walls) to add their own style to a home.

A stock white paint can come across as cold on the walls but can quickly be warmed up with metallic gold touches.  Use mirror frames, light fixtures, picture frames, or furniture for visual interest.  Even something as simple as a gold or brass drawer pull can make a huge difference in a kitchen or bathroom.

TIP:  If you want your white walls to stay clean and bright, use a high quality latex paint for both the walls and trim.  You’ll be able to wipe off any dirt, fingerprints or scuff marks without taking out your paint brush to touch up.

Don’t forget to experiment with paint sheens.  If you want woodwork or architectural detail to stand out on a flat white wall try painting it in a satin or semigloss finish.

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