Adding Detail – Picture Frame Molding

Looking to add some visual interest to plain walls?  Simple white picture frame molding can make a huge difference.  It’s inexpensive, easy to find in most hardware stores, and simple to install over a weekend.  Not only will it give contrast to your wall paint colour (or give dimension to white walls) it’s also great for highlighting artwork, lighting fixtures or furniture.

TIP:  Traditionally, interior woodwork was painted using oil based (alkyd) paints.  They not only have a strong smell, take a longer time to dry and require thinners for clean up, they also turn yellow with age -sometimes as quickly as 9-12 months.  If you want your white paint to stay that way, use a water based (latex) enamel instead.  It’s a lot easier to use plus it won’t discolour with time.  We love Muralo’s line of waterborne enamels because it’s extremely durable and self leveling so you don’t see any brush marks.

While a standard stock white paint colour is great for just about any space, play around with shades and sheens to better match your decor.  For modern spaces try a cool white or very light grey and creamy warm shades for more traditional spaces.  If your walls are currently flat in sheen, a satin or semigloss trim will stand out nicely.

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