Displaying Artwork

A collection of photos or artwork is a great way to decorate the walls.  Any blank wall can be the perfect place for a home gallery, especially the flat unbroken walls of hallways and stairways.

For a uniform design, group your photos by topic or colour.  If your collection is varied tie your pieces together by putting them in like frames with the same colour matting.  Recycle old frames by painting them the same colour.  For a tidy and orderly look arrange in a symmetrical shape.

If you prefer a more eclectic feel, mix and match the texture, colour and shape of your frames.  To give weight to smaller pieces arrange them together into a large group.

Don’t forget to experiment with height.  Try hanging artwork below or above windows, over doorways or around the headboard of the bed.

TIP:  Before you take our your hammer and nails, plan out your design with craft paper.  Measure or trace your frames, cut out the shapes in paper and tape them to the wall to make sure everything fits!

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