High Contrast Drama – Rooms In Black And White


If you want to make a statement, a high contrast colour scheme of black and white will give any room a touch of drama.  Though this combination lends itself perfectly to modern interiors it can also work in more traditional spaces.

Because there dozens of shades of both black and white, start with taking your temperature.   Cool shades work best in modern rooms when paired with sleek white accessories, metals like silver or stainless and furniture with sharp clean lines.  Benjamin Moore Jet Black 2120-10 and Chantilly Lace OC-65 make a great combination.   For more traditional spaces choose warmer tones and try Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10 paired with one of our favourite whites, Cloud White 967, and add soft fabrics in creamy colours, furniture with curves and soft lines, and touches of gold to warm up the room.

Intimidated by the idea of painting your walls black?  Use accents instead.  Paint the molding or railing, add a black countertop or cabinets in the kitchen, or paint a table or dresser.

Which paint is best?  Whatever brand you prefer, use a self priming high quality paint and be prepared to do at least two coats in black.   Because dark colours show imperfections more, unless your walls are perfect (or your prepared to smooth them with putty or plaster) stay away from glossy paints.  The higher the shine the more those imperfections will stand out – especially on black walls.  For the white, choose a paint that is washable to easily clean fingerprints, scuff marks, and dirt without the need for touching up.

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