Color Flow – Joining Spaces

We love colours – the more the merrier – and while there’s no reason why every room can’t be a different colour consider how the colours will flow from one space to the next.

Picking a new colour scheme?  Start with taking your temperature.   Most earth tones like browns, greens, golds and shades of red will pair together well.   On the cooler side of the spectrum shades of blue, grey and violet will coordinate well.  If you want to mix cool shades with warm ones choose colours that have the same depth or tone.

In this space, the rich plum colour on the walls in the bedroom is picked up in the artwork and blanked in the living room tying the two rooms together.

The blue and dusty violet in this kitchen and dining room are both cool colours with the same saturation.

Even though the blue in this multicoloured space is a cool tone among warm ones, because the colours are all the same strength the rooms flow nicely.  Also, notice how the runner on the table brings shades of green from the kitchen and a warm yellow that compliments the salmon painted wall.

Notice how the colour in the accent pillow, wall art, and rug pick up the deeper tone of the wall paint in the hallway.


Shades of green and brown were meant to go together – just think of a tree – while white archways are a great palette cleanser between rooms.


Black and white (and shades of gray) always make a dramatic high contrast pair.  We love how the wallpaper plays off the black accent wall.


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