Squeaky Clean – Ideas For The Laundry

Chores are not a whole lot of fun and laundry is certainly no exception but any job becomes a little more bearable when it’s done in a fun and bright environment.  That’s why, even though we might not love doing the wash, a colourful and organized room helps even this task become a bit more enjoyable and efficient.

TIP:  Make sure to clean your washing machine regularly by running a cup or two of vinegar through it on the hottest water setting possible.  It will keep your clothes from smelling musty.

Any space, large or small, can be transformed with a little paint, a rod and a DIY counter.  Choose a bright colour like red, orange or yellow to keep you energized or if you prefer a more relaxing space, blue grey or violet.  An eggshell sheen will be easy to keep clean.  Add a simple inexpensive rod for hanging clothes.  To keep your laundry out of sight, install a second tension rod in front and hang a curtain for privacy.  If your washer and dyer are side by side, create a counter perfect for sorting and folding from a wooden board (make sure you sand it and seal it to prevent splinters from damaging your clothes) or look for offcuts of formica or stone from the hardware store.

The laundry can be another great place for decorating!  Make detergent look instantly chic by placing it in a fancy glass jar.  Use colourful baskets and bright containers for storage and paint the inside of shelves and/or cabinets in bold shades.   Add a bit of sparkle by tiling the backsplash – scour the sale department at home improvement store for discontinued materials you can score for a bargain.

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    Good tips. You might also want to consider adding some folding dryer racks to the walls that fold up when not needed. Use these to dry delicate items that you do not want to place in the dryer.


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