No Closet – No Problem

Closets are a great way to keep our personal items out of view but what do you do when there aren’t any?  This can especially be a problem if you rent and cannot make structural changes to a home you otherwise love.  Before you start living out of suitcases, here are some functional and beautiful way to create a “closet” in your home.

Okay, since you’ll be putting your clothing and accessories on display, this is a great time to do a little organizing.  Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in years, that don’t fit or are damaged.  Organize the remainder of your clothing by category – pants, dresses, shirts, etc.  If you’re feeling particular you can then sort the clothing in your categories by colour.

Now that your items are sorted you’ll need a place to hang them.  A simple rod is a great start.  If it’s in your budget look for one with decorative detail or paint it to match the rest of your room’s decor.   Next, throw out those metal dry cleaning hangers and invest in some nice ones you don’t mind showing off.  Make them a part of your design by picking your favourite colour or wood tone to match your furniture.

TIP:If you would like to keep your clothing out of sight and your room is small enough, install another rod in front with a pretty curtain you can draw closed for privacy.  If you don’t have a place you can install a rod create one by spanning two bookcases.

Now what your clothes are out of the way it’s time to tackle shoes and accessories.  The same organization rules apply.  Donate anything that you haven’t worn, that doesn’t fit or is damaged beyond repair then sort by type and colour.  Inexpensive bookcases are great for displaying shoes.  For fancier furniture you can scour consignment stores for a cabinet or dresser.  Both can be easily painted to match your space.  Pick up fun containers or boxes to store socks, underwear, and other small items. On the outside, mount hooks for belts, necklaces, scarves, etc. to keep those items from getting tangled.

Need inspiration?  Mirror your design after a favourite boutique!  Add a large floor mirror and don’t forget you’re never too old to play dress up!


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