Can Inexpensive Paint Cost You More?

Renovations can be expensive.  An exciting project can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating – not to mention over budget.  There are many ways to cut down on costs but do your research before searching for the least expensive products.  You may end up spending more and getting less.

Paint is a great example.  Inexpensive paints may look great on the receipt but since they’re made with inferior ingredients and chalky fillers they won’t cover as well as premium paints.  This means more paint (which means more money) more coats to get full coverage (especially in darker colours) and more time spent on painting.   If you have hired a painter, carefully weight the extra cost of labour against a couple of extra dollars for a premium paint.  And don’t forget since inexpensive paints won’t last as long you’ll have to repaint more frequently.

In contrast, while premium paints may be more expensive at the cash register, they will be much easier to apply, will cover better so you won’t need as much, and they will be more durable so you won’t have to repaint as often.  Also, most high quality paints are self priming so in most instances you won’t have to buy an additional product.

There’s nothing wrong with being budget conscious. Just remember the old adage – you get what you pay for.

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